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About us

Are you curious to know what SpotKwik is?

Spotkwik is an online AR-based social shopping platform where you can virtually try products before buying them, as well as solicit advice from your personal network for opinions and recommendations. You can take style codes, genuine reviews from certified Influencers and save yourself from being a victim of poor quality products. You can check out what your friends and family are upto, if you find something interesting, you can click ‘Try On’ and experience it virtually through your phone camera.

What’s in it for you?

Fun! We mean it.
Isn’t it awesome to keep you up with trends? Who doesn’t love Fun?
You can discover your favourite products and buy them hassle-free
SpotKwik helps you find the product you love with endless interesting feed. You can share with your friends and get opinions.
Check the size and fit with your phone camera
It is easy peasy. Select the product you like and try it on with your phone camera from the comfort of your home.
You can take inspirations from industry experts
Verified Industry Experts (Friendfluencers) are always at your service to clear doubts. Take style tips from them and learn the hacks 😉
And here is the fun part,
With SpotKwik, keep yourself updated with what your friends and you favourite celebrities are upto. Unlimited Mazaa guaranteed.

Are you a social Influencer?

We would love to call our influencers as ‘FriendFluencer’. We help our audience pick the right product and get inspired from Fashion Icons like you. However, it is an ‘invite-only’ privilege.
We bet you’d love SpotKwik,
If you are active on social media and your voiced opinions on your Niche influence your followers
If you are excited about sharing your thoughts or experience via post/video/blogs on Social Media
If you are always thinking about your next content and how to improve social engagement
If you receive constant appreciation and recognition for your honest and credible promotional content
If you are constantly putting in effort to set an inspiration and make your followers resonate with your ideas and opinions
If you were able to relate to the above points, write to us. We will review your application and reach out to you within 7-14 business days.

Contact us:

In case you have any queries, reach out to (or) contact +91 8637613121.